Access 95 Toyota Camry rear lights


I have a burned out brake/stop light, which burned out once before causing me a day in court! I can’t see how to access it. The manual shows screws when the trunk is opened, but there’s no screws, just some sort of cover that I can’t seem to pry off. It looks like there should be access under the trunk lining, but how do you remove those miserable black button/clips?


I suspect those buttons pop out. Good Luck


Or maybe you give a 1/4 or 1/2 turn to the Phillips-type screw head that’s in the middle of the buttons, and they come off. Those plastic buttons usually just hold the carpet in place. In some designs they screw onto (or slip onto) the screw studs that hold the tail light ass’y to the car. After you get the buttons off you can fold away the carpet and see the wing nuts on the screw studs.

Anyhow, don’t worry if you break the carpet-holding buttons. The carpet still stays in place pretty well. I have several of the buttons floating around the trunk of my '00 Camry. Maybe I’ll look for replacements in Parts R Us someday.


Pull the carpet away. The lights are under that. Turn the plastic thingys (I don’t remember the setup very well), the rear light assembly pops out and then you can change the bulbs. Do you have that annoying light in the dash telling you the light is out?