2012 Nissan Versa - FUel door decision

Fuel filler door is jammed shut. Dealer wants to sell me a new car, auto parts web sites take me in circles. What to do?

This is easy , just call a body shop near you and tell them the problem .


I’ll add to @VOLVO_V70 's advice by saying stay away from that dealer. There’s a time to give up on a vehicle and you haven’t reached it yet.


It looks like I need to stay away from the internet. I can reduce my Nissan Versa repair manual to one page, which would read “Throw away your tools, For any problems, just take your car to a repair shop.”

Removing or mounting the fuel filler door involves two machine screws. I pried it open a couple days ago. A body shop would probably charge me a couple hundred dollars labor. My actual problem is locating a replacement door in stock at a dealer parts department, or at an auto parts supply. I also want to make sure it will fit.

The original part must have been bent or warped somehow, maybe by a vandal trying to get at my gas tank.

Thanks anyway.

Start calling local salvage yards for the filler door . You will have to paint it but you can probably get close enough that it might not be noticeable.

Well, there’s always a local junkyard.
Or eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=2012+nissan+versa+fuel+door&_blrs=recall_filtering&_sop=12 Or this: https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/oem-nissan-versa-fuel_door.html But wait, that involves the Internet. Sorry.

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Why ? The web can let a person search for an answer to almost anything or find something that you have no idea who might have one. Of course it can take a little time and possibly using different phrases for a search.

Of course if you would have stated you were looking for a filler door in your original post that would have helped.


Dealers don’t carry low turnover parts in stock but what is wrong with having them order one for you?

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What if the gas tank door does not open on a Nissan vehicle?

Occasionally, a gas tank door may be bent inside in such a way that it does not pop open when the lever is pulled. This is something you should look at fixing yourself by bending the metal back into a usable position, but until you do that, there is a temporary fix you can use to get the door open and fuel up.

To get a stuck gas tank door open, have a passenger (hopefully you have one of those; if not you might need a stranger) pull the fuel door lever. At the same time they pull the lever, wedge your key or other strong thin item through the fuel door crack and push the door out. If you time it right, you should be able to pop the door open.