2004 Subaru Impreza Outback with blown motor - sell or junk?

The water pump idler pulley froze on my 04 Suby Impreza, damaging the timing belt and destroying the motor. The estimate I received to replace the motor with a factory new was $6500 or $5500 for rebuilt. The car has less than 100K on it but was involved in a fairly extensive front end collision in 07, nearly totaling the car but they insurance company decided to fix so the title is clean. I am not willing to dump what I expect will end up being $7000 dollars into fixing the car and since I still owe money on it I am parking it until I have it paid off at which time I intend to sell or junk it, but I am not sure what someone would pay? It would be a great car for someone who has the resources to drop a new motor in, like a backyard mechanic or tinkerer.

A 7 year old Subaru with 6 digit mileage, a history of a severe collision, and a blown motor is not worth much even to someone who has the skills, and the engine, to get it going again.

It’s not worth putting seven grand into but might be worth a shot at a used engine. If you live near a major metro area with some large salvage yards you might try calling a few of them about a used motor and whether they will install what they sell.
Some yards will do this and the plus side is that it puts the onus on the yard if that used motor turns out to be problematic.

Thanks. Seems like its headed for the donation bin.