How much to sell nonfunctional car for?



Our 1998 Subaru Outback has a cracked engine block and needs to go. I am hopeful that someone would be interested in buying it for parts (or to put a new engine into); but I have no idea how much to ask for? Obviously I will make the car’s condition known to the buyer.


A wrecking yard will offer you 2 cents per pound. You have to eyeball in what the car is worth with a functional engine, and what a used engine would cost installed. The difference is what it’s worth.

However in most cities there are shops that specialize in buying wrecks (insurance write-offs) and with other wrecks create functioning cars.

Usually $500 or so is all they will give you, but it’s better than 2 cents per pound.


About $100 if the tires are good. The last one I got rid of I got $50 for it with a new $75 battery, a full tank of gas, waxed and polished, and a new antenna. Was fully functional except needed a $50 light switch and two back tires. The one before that I got $200 for it with new tires but needed an engine swap.


Like doc said, in urban areas, there is an automotive underground that feeds off cars like yours…Subarus are very popular, list it on craigslist “Parts car for sale” include a couple of pictures, and ask $500…You can always come down but you never can go up in price…if they want it bad enough, they will pay for it…When selling on craigslist, remember, it’s cash and carry ONLY…all other offers are scams, reject them…


What’s the car doing or not doing and what is the reasoning behind this alleged cracked block?

A cracked block diagnosis should always be taken with a grain of salt; or a number of them.