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Pretty new car with a horrible squelch

So I bought a car 3/2016 and it’s got 15k miles (a good 7k from driving to/from Oregon and California on the highways) and now I’ve got a nasty squelch when just moving from stopped. The car isn’t on I’ve just got it in neutral (standard tranny) and the slightest push starts the squelch. I thought it was the brakes but my thought is how in the heck can I have gone thru a set of pads in 15k!?

The car is turned off, the gear is neutral, the parking brake is off (?) and you push it manually and it squeels? Is that correct?

Given that you should be able to have a friend push it and trace down the sound.

Presumably it is under warrantee, take it to the dealer…

Assuming it’s still under warranty, take it to the dealer’s. Use the warranty.
Yes, it is entirely possible to go through a set of pads in 15,000 miles. It’s also possible to bend a dust shield, catch a rock between the pads and the rotor, and even have a bent pad wear sensor. The dealer shop should be able to easily find the source of the squeak.

Man I was hoping to avoid the dealer, they are in Az and I’m in Ore.

That is good advice, but I hope that the OP doesn’t expect the warranty to cover “wear items” like brake pads.
In any event…does a warranty cover a…squelch?

Any dealership that sells that make of car can service your car and repair it under the terms of the factory warranty.
There is no need to return to the dealer who sold the car to you.

The manufactures web site shows at least 15 Nissan dealers in Oregon, however brake wear, stones and bent parts and normally not covered by the warranty but they may perform minor repairs as a courtesy.

Excellent point about the warranty, VDC. I can see where I may have unintentionally implied that they might cover the brakes, and they won’t.
Nevada also emphasized that point, and also suggested that sometimes they do a “goodwill” repair if it’s something really simple like a stone or bent dust shield. It’s worth a shot.

If the brake system is malfunctioning and that led to shore pad life, I think Nissan would cover the work. It’s worth checking out, anyway. Looks like it was a lot of highway travel, though.

I would start simple looking at a serpentine belt and tensioner if I understand the noise correctly. Then looking into some component on the belt circuit with failing bearings.


You’re 100% right. That thought never occurred to me. :blush:

My Corolla does that when it’s cold outside. In my case it’s something associated with the power steering belt. My theory: I notice it when pulling away from a stop b/c I tend to be turning the steering wheel then, and turning at slow speed maximally stresses the steering system.

Do you notice it has anything to do w/ambient temperature? Might want to check the tension in your power steering belt, and the power steering fluid level.

I can’t help it, nine replies and no one commented on the use of the word squelch?

Merriam Webster:

squelch 1a- to fall or stamp on so as to crush
1b- completely suppress

           2- to emit or move with a sucking sound.

For some reasons the site has decided to impose its own will on how the lines of text are arranged.

@Barkydog @GeorgeSanJose Belts, tensioners and power steering failures are unusual on a 2016 vehicle, are these common failures for Nissan? If so this doesn’t sound like a good product.

Well, actually, I gently hinted at it with one of my earlier comments:

I imagine that the OP meant to use the word “squeal”, but that is just a guess.

Those comments are over in the English forum. :grin: This is the car forum.

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It does not matter how common the issues are, but to be aware that there are no guarantees, only warranties.

Reminds if of the time I was giving a talk to a group of the grim-looking company big-wigs and somebody handed me a glass of OJ, and I said , obviously without thinking, “Is this OJ fresh squozen?” … lol …

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Well, when you use a completely wrong word, how is anyone sure what you are asking?

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You couldn’t figure out what he was asking? I’m having a hard time believing that.

Well, since one of the definitions of squelch is a sucking noise, no ,I wasn’t sure but since no one else considered that I guess it is just me. I used to have trouble in school with poorly written test questions because I would answer what they wrote instead of answering what they meant like everyone else.

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