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Pre-order your Electric pick-up truck or SUV Rivian

The world’s first Electric Adventure Vehicles
Starting price of $65,000 after Federal Tax rebate
Up to 400+ Miles
Quad-Motor System
Wading Depth of 3 Feet
0-60 in 3 Seconds
Towing Capacity 5,000 kg
Up to 700 hp

Not something I would really be interested in, but I can see where it would be for some

If they rock-crawl in severe situations better than a gasoline powered vehicle, I can definitely see their appeal to that segment of the market.

I’ll be AMAZED if that’s the actual selling price for those specs. Batteries are SO expensive!

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I wonder if you go in deeper than three feet if you risk electrocution? Water and electricity are a bad mix.

I think manufacturers learned what “insulation” is quite some time ago…
It may be more limited by the vehicle getting afloat or unstable at that depths.

I could do one of those when my trailblazer dies, I hope the 03 TB makes it another ten years, then things should be better, but vehicles for towing boats are jeeps and trucks these days.

Can I drive it to work daily without any passengers?