Powered liftgate on 2005 Town and Country minivan

The T&C minivan with powered doors has a liftgate that is opened and closed by an electric motor connect to a rack and pinion mechanism which is connected to a curved arm with a ball on the end a rod is connected between the arm and the liftgate. I have searched several parts sites for this rod but nothing comes up and even when I tried a chat site the person could not help me without an exact name for the part. Is there an exact name for a rod that ties the lift gate to the lifting mechanism that won’t bring up a ‘tie rod’ for the steering system?

Have you tried a salvage yard? They even have online salvage that will ship parts.

Thank you. This is a better picture than the parts man could bring up at the local dealer. I have tried ebay, and others but always get the wrong part of the car. I will try all of the keywords from this picture and see what I get.