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2005 T&C Steering Moan

I’ve got 2 problems:

1) The subject minivan has an occassional moan/groan (usually when turning while in motion).

I’ve had the power steering pump replaced, the PS fluid flushed, and changed out some of the PS lines replaced from a Chrysler kit (not all at the same time). All the above just changed the frequency and or duration of the moan/groan.

Is there a cure for this?

2) About a year ago the key fob wouldn’t operate the locks. I researched and found removing a fuse in the fuse box resets the remote locking. After a week or so the key fob doesn’t work again and I have to reset by removing the fuse or disconnecting the battery.

Is there a cure for this?


I don’t know a thing about key fob systems & such, although since there is a reset kind of thing going on you might just end up needing someone (like a dealer) with the top end scanning equipment to check it for body control module (BCM) error codes. Some other kinds of shops (e.g. you might call some body shops) can also do this kind of thing if you want to avoid a dealer.

As for the moan on turning, it seems possible that its time to look at things other than the power steering system. E.g. strut mounts will moan, dried out tie rod ends or ball joints might make a moan. I don’t know who has been checking it out & doing the work but I’d suggest your best local, independent alignment shop.

TSB #19-011-04 addresses the groaning problem when turning with your vehicle. And one thing I don’t see listed is the replacement of the steering rack and pinion. This TSB instructs that the original rack and pinion be replaced with what is called a FLAT FLOOR rack and pinion assembly. If this wasn’t done then that’s why the groan is still there.

What fuse do you remove to get the security system to function again?


20A ‘IOD’ fuse: facing the front of the car it’s on the front right of the fuse box.
Yeah I know about the rack and pinion TSB, there’s also 2 other TSBs for this problem. One is change the retun lines (done) the other is change the PS pump (done). These were relatively “inexpensive” (~$1,000). Since neither of these worked I don’t have a lot of confidence in giving Chrysler ~$2,000 + for a design problem they built into 2005 & 2006 T&Cs. ps When the noises started the car had about 12,000 miles on ti. It now has ~ 15,000, so it’s not exactly a wear problem.
The PS pump and flush was by the best mechanic in the area, the return line and flush (again) by the best tire & alignment shop.

That fuse is for the SKREM (Sentry Key Remote Entry Module). More than the likey the module is failing and not recognizing the key fob signal after a while. When you pull the fuse you cause the SKREM to go to sleep. Then when the fuse is reinstalled it reawakens the SKREM where it recognizes the signal from the key fob again.


The fuse is also for the radio and clock as I have to reset both of those when I replace the fuse.

I suppose this will be another $$$ to Chrysler for their C_AP.