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New power windows replacing roll-ups

After having both hips replaced, I looked for a car that sat higher than my '98 Ford stick-shift station wagon with electric everything. I found my 2000 Chev Tracker Convertible, with 4WD, and 53,000 on the odometer. I bought it for $4,000.

It has roll up windows which kill my shoulder, and I have been hunting another car, but there is nothing really like my little always-starts, goes-anywhere, cheap, Tracker. They did make them until 2004, with electric windows, but I can’t find one that doesn’t have a million miles on it or isn’t available from a flood area.

I found places in Chicago, near me, that install electric windows in old and classic cars, for $350.00, and I would like to do it. I’m worried about electrical problems since the car didn’t originally have these windows. I can’t find anyone who has had this done.

Anyone familiar with/ recommend installation of the electric windows (which would extend my keeping the car–at 74,000 miles and running great-- until it falls apart), or giving up the idea and looking for a different car? If so, any similar car in mind? (Requirements: 4WD, automatic, electric windows–elec. locks and mirrors would be nice, too–, AC, CD, convertible, not a Jeep).

They did make them until 2004, with electric windows, but I can’t find one that doesn’t have a million miles on it or isn’t available from a flood area.

Maybe I’m missing something but have you considered that you don’t need to swap the entire vehicle, just get the parts related to the power windows from a donor vehicle of the same vintage and swap them into your existing ride? This is where junkyards…err recycling centers shine. This way, you don’t get some cobbled in generic solution but rather the OEM parts- especially the door switches.

Regardless of which avenue you choose, this is not an upgrade for the weak hearted. There’s a lot of wiring to run between the doors and inside of the vehicle. But the OEM parts should mate right up to your existing harness without much fooling around.

In all my days of working on the Tracker one lable I never put on them was “cheap to work on”. All kinds of parts for these vehicles are expensive.

For the life of me I can’t picture a “98 FORD stick-shift station wagon” what was this a Taurus with a hatch, I just don’t know.

Maybe if you focus really hard you can picture one!

Adding electric windows will probably double the value of your Geo Chevy Tracker. Mitsubishi made a few Eclipse AWD convertibles a few years back. Audi A4/TT is another choice.


I think especially if the alternative is buying a new car, having the power windows installed should be worth a try. If the car’s got power locks, there should already be the little conduit going into the door and, while you might not get control of all the windows from the driver’s door, I’ll bet just getting them to go up and down electrically wouldn’t be that hard. If you’re really lucky, maybe it’s a situation where they wire every car for them and it’s just a matter of installing the optional equipment.

I have one other semi-serious suggestion. In my experience, the window cranks on newer cars are usually way too short, which makes them really hard to crank. One solution could be to simply get some longer window cranks and making sure the window regulator is well-lubricated.

There’s always this solution.

Now that was good, Greasy:)

What was I thinking? Of course, Red Green has the best solution!

Pretty good one. But it was actually an Escort. By the time I bought it, I had to pay extra to get 5-speed stick. Everyone laughed at my choice, but it started every day, got me out of any snow problems, and got great gas mileage. It was a real work horse.

After calling around junk yards and hunting Tracker doors, I have decided to go ahead and have the power-window motors installed. Seems the practice is so popular, I must be there very early in the morning, to assure it will be done that day. I’m ready.

I bet you’re exactly right about increasing the value.

I was hoping to avoid the time consuming and frustrating junk yard–er, recycling center, route. But I did it, without luck. I decided to have the power-window motors installed. We’ll see how successful it is.

J. C.Whitney lists power window conversion kits. Go to the J.C. Whitney website and type in power windows in the search window.

I did have the power windows installed, and am in pig heaven! After 2 weeks, I was emboldened enough to have the power locks installed. The car hasn’t blown up yet, and everything works!