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Power windows gives clicking sound while driving?

2000 Acura Integra rear power window makes a clicking sound - no one is operating the window at the time.

Removed the panel and tried different relay switch - no luck. Tried measuring voltage by grounding it to the door metal but no reading was measured.

Is this the motor or motor shorting - or window is jammed up - if it is jammed why is it making the intermittent clicking sound while no one is operating?

does the window go up and down by pressing the button as usual?

Initially it was sluggish and had to be manually pulled all the way up while pushing the button. Now not at all, moves.

Methinks either the master window switch has failed or the window switch on the door possibly failed in a manner where it is/was trying to roll the window up when not being asked. This could be what lead to its failure other than being 18yrs old. I don’t think your model has one push window roll up-down…so the switches are less complex assemblies. So that’s one less thing. In my experience in this situation I would place more suspicion on the master window switch assy in the drivers door. It could be telling that rear window to open unbeknownst to you.

I would look into this by taking the rear door apart and removing the motor assy… Have a replacement on hand and plug it in while its in your hand. Does it try to run itself? If so… one of the window switches is at fault and telling the window to move when it shouldn’t be telling it anything. Or use a Multi meter… That’s where my thought process would be wandering around…