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Honda electronic window malfunction

My window clicks every second when depressed.

I’m not depressed, only the down knob.

Motor or regulator or both? Off track?

Someone I was referred to, charged me 85 bucks to sit in the waiting room until they diagnosed nothing. Click and Clack would have a word.

Could be either or both, the motors have a gear box in this gear box is some sort of plastic drive “clutch” that slips and makes that clicking noise, prevents the window from driving too far or burning up the motor when stalled, some of these assemblies can be taken apart and the plastic drive pins replaced.

Try telling jokes to the window so it is no longer depressed and the clicking should stop… Sorry, couldn’t resist. Best bet is to pull the door panel and inspect. On my Grand Am it turns out that the cable was off track and I bought a regulator/motor combo from the local parts store ~$125.

Good Luck!

Very thankful for your input! Nance

So humorous, and thanks for that! I was emailed by a mechanic, that it could be the swith since it got drenched in a torrential downpour. Any Q’s on that thought?
Thanks, Nance

Thoughts on that… before outright replacing the switch (assuming you pull it an see signs of corrosion), consider taking some sandpaper and cleaning off any signs of corrusion before paying a dealer (stealer) for the part. Sometimes, once the corrosion starts, there is no stopping it so it could become an annual ritual, but it’s better than paying 5-10 times the actual value of a part to the dealer (stealer).