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Power windows and power seats don't work

I just got a 2003 Buick Century Custom for real cheap (all I could pay). One of the previous owners was very abusive to the inside.
3 of the 4 window motors do not work so the windows drop.
the drivers power seat does not work in any direction
Could the motor issues be something else to check on or is it motor issues?

Also, no door key or remote, so how can I get a door key for this car and possibly an extra ignition key?

This car is not worth putting much money into, so I am checking for suggestions on what to look for.


It could be either motor’s switch’s or wire harness a locksmith could make a door key.

You can go to a dealer, they can cut a key by code. They will need your vin.

For a car that age, Home Depot and Low’s could probably help you at reasonable cost.

The cables on the window regulators must have broken.


As far as the seat,check if the 20 amp fuse in the instrument panel fuse box has blown,