Tired power windows


I just aquired a 19hundred and 96 buick century.

This car just failed state inspection because the power windows do not work properly.

When operated from the drivers side main panel, both front windows will go down without a problem, when traveling upwards however, they move slowly and then will stop. After waiting for 3/4 to a minute, they will advance up another inch before stopping again. From the half-way up position to all the way up takes about 3-4 minutes.

I am a patient man and don’t really care about this problem, but apparently the state of Maine is very concerned for my safety in case of a water landing and will not let me drive this car until the windows work properly.

When I operate the passenger window from,“It’s own”, switch, it also travels at a stuttering snails pace.

My question is this;

Are the windows electric motors connected in such a way that I can replace one component to solve the problem, or is it just a co-incidence that each motor and/or regulator has worn out at the same rate?

The car has 90,000 miles on it and was maintained well and these miles were put on by my sweet little old mom who drove it to church on sundays and the market on wendsdays.(sp).

Thanks in advance for any attention given to this matter.


Before changing anything try using some silicone lubricant spray on the tracks and see if this will fix the problem. The issue is usually the window motor working against too much friction.


I agree. Lubrication is the first thing to try. The motors are working, but the window tracks may have become dry and dirty over the years. Clean and lubricate everything. You will have to remove the inner door panels do do this, but it will probably solve the problem.

I’d use silicone, but I’ve heard of people having luck with WD-40 or something similar. At least it may free up the windows enough to satisfy the state of Maine.

Are water landings that common up there?


From your description of what happens the motors are failing and are going to need replacement.


Did you try the silicone spray? I find that wetting a paper towel and wiping the gaskets is less messy. If the lubricant doesn’t fix the problem, replace the regulators and motors. You can get them on line for about $65 each. I did that on my 1998 Regal with great success. It was even the easiest job I’ve ever had to do! No fooling, it is really easy.


You can wax the windows inside and out too. I use spray wax on mine and the good thing is that it doesn’t streak like window cleaner. Better wax will probably get better results. An auto glass shop will work on electric window problems too. Make sure you have a clean ground between engine and frame/fender on the end connected to the frame/fender. Especially if you noticed any other kind of electrical problem, such as a weak battery and slow engine cranking speed.


I have a 2000 regal that had front window drop. Is it that easy to get window motor & replace myself. Dealer wants $400.