Power Window Problem 1994 Buick Skylark

Yesterday the front passenger side window on my Buick stopped working. It will go down but not come up. Through painstaking effort I was able to pull it out; the control on the actual window won’t work at all but the one on the main panel gives short bursts of juice and then you can pull it out.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Replace the switch on the passenger side door. These switches are typically wired together, and a failure in one will prevent the main panel from working as well. When I try to diagnose a non-working window, I always confirm the switches work or not before going further for this reason.

Thanks for the quick reply. How involved is that? Is the switch something that can be purchased at an auto parts store?

The switch is typically clipped or screwed into the door panel. Some require the door panel be removed, others can be pried out without removing the panel. There’s an electrical connector attached to the switch, so you shouldn’t need to cut any wires.

As far as a switch, try auto parts store and even the dealer. You may eventually have to try an auto salvage.

I’m currently online researching the issue. For some reason I am not able to find a switch for this particular vehicle. Regulator comes up, motor, but I can’t find a switch.

Your probably stuck with the dealer or getting one out of a salvage.

If your adventurous, and have a good mechanical abilities, you may be able to take this switch apart and clean it up. I’ve been successful that way a few times, and managed to get the switch to work again. Just be careful, because some of these switches have small parts and springs that must go back correctly to get it to work again.

Just called Buick and was told the part is discontinued. Dumb, since I’m sure there are many Skylark owners who want their windows to work. Thanks for the advice on cleaning the switch; I have found some websites devoted to that subject. Guess I’ll look for the part on ebay.

Wanted to share some additional info. Buick told me the switch is the same for the front and rear passenger side doors and suggested swapping them since the rear is working. This was a very easy process and it made no difference. Therefore I think the motor is shot.

The real trouble may be with the wiring in the door jamb. Those wires often get broken due to the stress on them from the door opening and closing. To see if the motor is ok just tie some wires to the motor and touch them to the battery. Reverse the connections in case the polarity makes the window go the wrong direction.

Thanks Cougar. I’ll give that a shot before purchasing the motor.

Busted Knuckles; the switch was the pry type. Very easy to do.

One more question; the manual says when I took the door panel off to remove something called the “water shield” and to make sure not to tear it. What is it?

I suppose they are talking about the plastic shield that is installed between the door panel and the surface of the door.

I’m going to pick up the motor off eBay but I’m not sure I want to change it myself. Could anyone give a ballpark on what a mechanic might charge if I bring them the motor?

Thanks folks.