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Power windows, ac, interior lights, wont work

Embarrasingly I left my keys in the ignition overnight and the ignition was “engaged” thus running my battery dead. My helper had a battery jumper which he unfortunately connected to the fuse box center instead of the battery (in his defense, I thought it was the battery too! So, we heard a little groan, I tried to start the car to no avail. Then we discovered our error, hooked it up to the battery correctly, and the car started. Now the power windows, power seat, radio, a/c won’t work (the a/c blower works, but it is not cool air). I think I tripped a breaker (from reading the manual) since all the fuses are intact - except the big boxes in the fuse box which I couldn’t tell…is there an easy fix?

Not a breaker. You blew one of the big fuses or a fuse link.

Thanks! I’ll start with the big fuses…I don’t know the first thing about fuse links…?

You have a “helper” aren’t they called “assistants” today :slight_smile:

Don’t fret too much about a fuse link. They are basically just a piece of wire that is designed to handle a certain amout of current. When they burn out they break in the middle. You can usually flex them and see if they are good or not. You most likely blew a fuse and replacing it will restore power to the areas you mentioned.

Agreed . . a fuse or a few fuses have been blown. Check them one by one, write down what you need, put the old one back in until you get the replacement fuses, then go get 'em and replace. Rocketman

Do not be embarrassed, but also… stop trying to be a mechanic… you probably are a rocket scientist, but like me… never mowed the lawn as a kid; thus never learned anything about engines, cars etc.

Call a mechanic with a good reputation.

If you can not discern the battery from other parts of the car, I fear for what you might do next!

Just pay someone their rate, and you got a story

They really need to license the purchase of jump-boxes and jumper cables!