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Power window problem not caused by regulator or motor

I have a 1994 Toyota Camry Le. The front passenger side window will roll up and down but it rolls up crooked creating a small gap on the rear side. I put a brand new regulator and motor on it but it still does the same thing. When I rolled the window up the first time after installing the regulator and motor I heard a cracking noise like the weather stripping was moved (no glass was broke and the window still operated). Before I put the new parts in I was able to pull the glass over with my hands into the proper place and still am able to do so with the new parts. The door with the bad window sags and is hard to open and close. Is it possible that has caused the door to warp resulting in the window regulator improperly aligning the glass?

yes. But it is more likely that the guide channels are not quite parallel and are binding on one side so that glass does not follow properly. This may also be a lube problem, but I am not sure what you should use to lube the channels with, I expect a silicon lube would be the best.