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Power stering

I just replaced the power steering box on my 1979 dodge B200. now when I start it it turns hard to the right and I can’t turn it to the left.I need help.

There is a problem with the control valve, it may not be properly centered. Did you remove or loosen the valve in this picture?

how do I center it

The Alldata doesn’t have that information, this is all they show;

6.Install valve body onto housing with valve lever entering hole in valve spool. Ensure O-rings are installed properly, then install and torque valve retaining screws to 7 ft lb

I have had these steer left or right after replacing the O-Rings, I just loosened the two bolts and moved the valve housing fore or aft (with the engine off).

Is the gear box used or remanufactured? You may have to return it.


I got it from a junk yard and had it rrebuilt

Any chance you could have reversed the hoses at the box?