Power Steering Unit - mystery

I have a 2003 2500 diesel with 68,000 miles. I bought it new and have always maintained easy service items like; oil, water, fluids, rotate tires, etc. Oil gets changed every 4K, and I check all the vitals at that time.

The power steering fluid has always been perfect.

5K miles ago I took the truck in for a “under warranty” water-pump replacement. At that time they told me I had a bad hydraulic hose on the power steering unit and a bad electronic throttle thingy, fuel filter, … short story - the free water pump costs me almost $400.00. (Just wanted to bitch about that a little - LOL)

A week ago I went out into the garage and noticed power steering fluid on the floor. Not a lot but I was concerned why. I pulled off the dip stick and fluid flowed out of the top of the reservoir. Now I did have a puddle on the floor worth being concerned over, but the res was still full so I put the dipstick back on, and ran it over to my Dealer?s service department.

After a week they say they can not find any problem with the power steering unit and to come get the truck. They also told me that they sucked out fluid to get the level down to the proper mark. NOW I am concerned that I really do have a power steering unit that is low on fluid but doesn’t show it. And I voiced that concern. Well they then tell the mechanic that worked on it may have added some fluid back to the res, but he was in school so they couldn?t be sure, but the res was at the proper level now so I can take it home.

Here?s what I know as fact:

- I have never had to add ?any? fluid to the power steering res “ever.”

- I know the level in the res was fine on the last oil change, less than 4K miles ago.

- I assumed no leaks in the system, and the dealer confirmed that to be true.

- The only thing that has ever been done to the power steering was when the dealer replaced a hydraulic hose 5K miles ago.

- I had just run the truck on a 2200 mile round trip about two weeks prior to finding the puddle. I really can?t say when the drips started, I?m guessing right after or during the trip.

Has anyone heard of this type problem and if so what could be the cause, will it happen again, etc?.?

I will be taking some extra power steering fluid with me in the truck and checking the fluid level often. I just feel something is still wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help and information on this mystery???.Bob

I suspect your problem is ran it over to my Dealer?s service department. Find an independent mechanic. Check with friends, neighbors etc to find a good reliable independent shop

The service guy in the dealer’s shop screwed up and overfilled the system. The fluid ran out because agitated fluid takes up more volume than fluid at rest…once the pump was turned on the fluid expanded.

The good news is that as long as the steering feels fine and isn’t leaking, there’s no reason to be concerned. The pump constantly circulates fluid throughout the system. I’ve attached a link that shows pretty clearly how the system works. Hopefully it’'ll help to put your mind at ease.