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Stupid mess up putting on a Power Steering Pump Pulley

I have a 1998 Chevy Malibu V6. I took off the Serpentine belt and took off the broken Power Steering pump pulley and then I accidentally put the new one one backwards. Because the part is so brittle and made from a substance similar to shale I broke it down to just the ring that is attached to the shaft. The pull tool for the pulley is just a little too small to fit around the part. Is there any ideas how the heck I can get this part off??? I am stumped and frustrated at myself for being such an idoit…thanks

Since it’s already broken to pieces, continue breaking the remaining hub. Maybe a little hack sawing, chiseling or such. Don’t whack too hard so as not to push the shaft sideways or back. But, as you noticed, the bakelite composition is brittle and should continue breaking a little at a time.

Looking at my Ford p/s pulleys in stock it appears the center hub is more metal than the plastic pulley portion, don’t know if your chevy is this way. If a small bearing puller won’t get it then maybe a hacksaw blade in your hand ( not the whole hacksaw ) is easier to cut lightly, at an angle to the shaft, through the side of the hub ALMOST to the shaft. Then try prying the collar apart at the cut.

A two or three jaw puller might work.

A Dremel type rotary tool with a cutting wheel attachment would be a good way to go. You will need some patience and care not to cut into the shaft.