Power steering pump or rack and pinion 2013 chevy Impala lt

I took my car to les schwab because it was having problems turning left. I had the wheel hub assembly replaced a week ago and wanted to make sure the issue was not related. Les schwab said that it is either the rack and pinion or the power steering pump. When the car was on their lift it did not have issues turning either direction. The vehicle turns right just fine, however it is difficult to turn left. There has always been a little noise, not a grinding or clicking noise, when turning left. I am hoping to figure out which issue is actually wrong with my car so I don’t throw a random repair at it that may not work.

Start with belts and move up from there.

The power steering pump doesn’t care if you turn left or right.

The rack and pinion controls the hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump that provides the steering assist.

The R & P is bad.



I agree with @Barkydog below. But I would also urge you to find a good independent mechanic. I looked up Les Schwab and see that they are principally tire stores. They might employ some good diagnosticians, but I don’t believe the tech who worked on your car was one of those.

On this model, are there serviceable check valves or crossover valves on the rack and pinion assembly that activate differently for left and right? Remember, the cylinder is filling for one direction and emptying for the other. There’s got to be something there.


A quick look at Rock Auto suggests it is this $14.24 (US) part:
AC DELCO 19258114 Power Steering Control Valve.