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New rack and pinion, new noise? 2013 impala

I just had my rack and pinion replaced and steering fluid flushed today at a local tire center, that I would prefer not to go back to, and now my car is making a noise. This noise is a low groaning type sound, and only occurs when the wheel is fully turned in either direction. I discovered it when I was turning around in a tight space. I feel like it’s not normal, and was hoping someone in here could tell me what’s causing it. I have checked the fluid level and it is full. I recorded a video of the sound.

Could be normal for your car. Steering pump pressure is very high when turning in such a close radius.

It is normal to hear humming when steering wheel is turned all the way. If you know someone with a similar vehicle with a pump driven power steering system, compare the two.

That is exactly what I said…lol