2006 Chevrolet Impala Issue


  1. what the hell is that line lmao i think its power steering and
  2. is that normal and if not where should it be

my issue is my passenger front end lifts up when turning wheel all the way to the left and its hard to turn my wheel all the way to the left when im not moving and there is a small dead spot in my steering wheel and has trouble moving straight. turning right is normal i think its rack and pinion. also i get my parts free so if you have any suggestions like sway bar or something lmk ill pull them off junk cars.

The rack and pinion is moving up and down, it should be bolted to the cross member.

That car is dangerous to drive and somebody is going to die if you keep driving it.

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i can do it myself probably

do you by chance know where the spot to bolt it into? ima check it and see if i need to get a part or something

idk weather to approach from the hood or underneath but ima try to go in underneath and see if i can find a broken bolt or something maybe and bolt it down like its supposed to be

Here’s a drawing showing the rack mounting.

2006 Impala Rack Mounting


2 bolts hold it, make sure the bushing on the passenger side is there

Hahaha found the problem the passenger side clamp is broken.

Im going to temporary clamp it down to make sure and im a get a new one