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Noise when turning at low speeds

I recently replaced the serpentine belt on my 2007 Honda Accord. Now, about two weeks later, I am experiencing a whining type noise coming from the area of the belt when turning left or right at low speeds. You can hear the noise in this first video and in the second video you can hear it when I turn the wheel left/right. The steering wheel also feels a little jerky/bumpy when making a turn at these speeds. Any advice would be great!

Have you checked the power steering fluid level?



Well this is somewhat embarrassing on my part…that’s all it was - very low power steering fluid level.

Thanks for the quick and accurate suggestion, Tester. Much Appreciated!

Keep your eye on the fluid level.

If it goes down again, look for a leak behind the power steering pump pulley.


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Ok, will do. Thanks again.

Keep in mind Honda/Acura power steering fluid is different most others. Has it been getting the right stuff?

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Good question…not certain what has been used in the past. But I do know I just topped it off with Honda genuine fluid. I will keep an eye on this going forward too. Thanks.

I’ve never used Honda power steering fluid in any of the Honda’s I’ve owned over the years.

My 97 Accord with 212,000 miles on it has never seen Honda power steering fluid.

Nor have any customers Honda’s I’ve serviced over the years seen Honda power steering fluid.

Never a problem.


My 1999 Civic has the same fluid it came with, except for a little I used to top it up after having to move and tilt its reservoir. Any might have worked, but NAPA had regular and they had Honda/Acura so I bought the approved stuff.