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Power Steering Issues... Urgent or not?!

So I have a '99 Ford Taurus Sport Comfort. I bought it used from a friend, knowing that it had some kinks that needed to be worked out. It has a misfire, and a leak somewhere in the power steering system. Since the misfire isn’t a big issue for me, I set about to fix the power steering leak. I put some leak stop P.S. Fluid into the system, and now, The noise coming from the engine when I turn is even worse! Not to mention that in the past few days, the power steering has intermittently been going in and out as I reverse, drive, and stopping completely as I touch the brakes. What could I possibly have done!?

Stop leak is not a fix, it’s a combination of a hail-Mary pass and a band-aid.

Where is it leaking? Is the belt in good shape and tight?
A grindy noise could mean a bad pump.

Yes, this is urgent. If you suddenly can’t turn the steering wheel while you are in a turn, or when I kid runs out in front of your car, this becomes a safety issue.

You should stop driving this car until the steering is fixed … properly.

what would be the round about price for something like fixing that?

I once had a steering rack replaced for about $1,200, but it might not be the rack itself, if you are lucky. You might just need a new pump, or to replace a hose.

i found paper work and talked to the guy who sold me the car, and they both support that the pump and the rack were replaced just before the change of title. could it just be the hose?

It’s possible. Someone needs to find the source of the leak.

The misfire can ruin the catalytic converter.