Power Steering on 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 2dr

My 01 Grand Prix GTP makes a whining sound when turning. I am fairly sure it is the power steering fluid. Problem is I can’t locate where it goes. I have looked in the owners manual and still can’t find it. If I take it to a shop to be done will it be expensive as it seems to be a major thing to get at?

The pump and reservoir are tucked back by the firewall. It’s way down in there and requires a long transmission fluid funnel and guesswork to fill it. It looks like any other GM power steering fluid reservoir and pump, you just can’t see it easily.

How about a guess as to which side on the firewall. Actually a mechanic once showed me where it was using a flashlight in broad daylight and then 20 minutes later when I got home to do it I couldn’t locate it again. Is it toward the passenger or driver’s side of the firewall? Would it be better to take it to a shop and avoid the headache and trouble? Thanks for your help

Could it be the pump that is the problem? Amd if it is, is that a major expense? The car has 158,000 miles and most of them are city miles and as I show it’s an 2001. There aren’t to many 2dr cpe GTP’s around and as I have learned, they don’t make them any more. I really would like to keep as also i really can’t afford another car right now.

It is on the passenger side, underneath the alternator. The drive belt pulley is attached directly to it. Like I said, it’s way down there. You can probably feel it better than you can see it. Check the fluid before you have the pump replaced. Low fluid level is the most common cause of power steering noise. Replacing the fluid is also a less expensive and highly effective way to eliminate or reduce noise.

Thanks for your help mark9207 I appreciate it. I’ll try and if I can’t do it I’ll get some help. thanks again.