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Power steering lost for a few seconds after abrupt turn!

Hey guys, I have a question about my power steering. I drive a 2010 Hyundai Sonata.

Last night I was driving home, it was lightly raining outside and I was approaching an intersection with a stop sign. After stopping I went to turn right and quickly realized that it was a one-way street so I abruptly turned the wheel left.

My car lost power steering for a few seconds and the battery light came on. It all went back to normal after I pulled over and let it settle down. I even turned the car off and back on to be sure everything was fine.

I just got a new power steering rack and pump installed 3 months ago I don’t think anything is wrong with those. The cars fine now I drove it to work fine. Could it be that I overloaded the alternator or the pump when I did that abrupt turn?

Anything helps, thanks!

It sounds like your serpentine belt is slipping when it’s damp. Has it ever been replaced, possibly with the power steering work?

Also, have you checked that the power steering fluid is at the right level?


The fluid is good and I don’t see any leaks. The serpentine belt was not replaced no.

You stated that the pump was replaced. That would require removal of the belt. Perhaps the belt needs to be tightened. Take it back and let them check it. It happened to be once with a new alternator belt.


That might be a good idea I’ll look into bringing it back to the dealership I went to. Is this concerning if it only happens under abrupt turning conditions like I explained?

It is a 2010? Any shop can replace the serpentine belt. Usually good to replace the tensioner at the same time.
Should you be concerned—yes. A ten year old belt may self destruct at any time.
BTW, if this engine has a timing belt and has not been replaced it is time for that too.


Thank you all for your responses. I just recalled I remember this happening in the winter once when I got stuck too. Turning the car off and back on fixed it. Does that change anything?

No. The serp. belt is due for a change.
Kinda surprised the shop didn’t suggest this.


It was a dealership and a hell of a time too. Cost around $2200 to get the pump and rack replaced.

Did the engine stall when that happened?

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Honestly it all happened so fast it may of slightly stalled but it never died on me. I was able to pull over and turn the car off.

One time my Corolla did that. The ambient temperature was unusually cold (for this area). I’ve disabled the car’s idle air control device so there’s no automatic bump in idle rpm for cold coolant temperatures. I just hold the pedal down a little until the engine warms up – this takes less than a minute— only needed when it is particularly cold. On this particular incident as I stopped at a stop sign the dash warning lights came on including the CEL, as if the key had been turned to “off”; but the engine never completely stalled. I was able to jigger the gas pedal and keep it running, at which point all the dash lights went back off. I don’t recall a loss of power steering, but I wasn’t doing any steering at the time.