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Help please

hello my name is mark i was heading home last nite got home pulled in to the drive way started smelling something burning but i could not see anything under the hood i started turning my stering side to side make a noise ever time i turn it but it is filling the sounds like my powerstering is going out all i can smell is somthing burning

It is very possible that the belt that drives the power steering pump is so loose that it is slipping. A badly slipping belt can emit a burning smell. It is also possible that the power steering pump itself is binding up, thus causing the belt to slip.

If I am correct that the smell and the noise is from a slipping belt, and if this belt also drives your alternator, the next step is that you will kill the battery and wind up stranded somewhere.
I would suggest having this situation checked out right away by a competent mechanic, i.e., NOT the guys at Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, AAMCO, or any other chain operation.

On a side note, those of us on this forum are pretty traditional types of people. As a result, we really appreciate it if people post their questions with capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and with periods ending the sentences. That is a courtesy to us, in order to make your question easier to understand. Fair enough?

I do not think any of the people you are talking about are doing this on purpose.
Like me, last time I did any writing since high school is when I write a check.
So I do the best that I can, please do not hold this against us.

do you notice any leaks? is the power steering fluid getting lower in the reservoir? How far can you press in on the power steering belt? does the steering make a sound when you turn it as far as you can in either direction or both directions?