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Power steering leak

2000 Mercury Sable Wagon, OHV engine. I have had to recently top off my fluid reservoir about every 3 weeks. Looking under the hood today, I noticed some fluid on the chasis in the area of a boot on the cylinder for the power steering. Can the seals be replaced, or do I need to replace the entire assembly. If I need to replace the assembly, has anyone every done this? Looks like a bear to do!!

This generally requires full rack replacement, and this is not easy at all.

If you have kept and want to keep the car in top notch shape, then probably best to leave it to a shop.

However, if you want to just reasonably keep it on the road for a while it can’t hurt to try this first:

I used it recently on a 2000 vehicle that I was adding fluid to weekly. It worked and the steering is fine.

Thank you, I will try your suggestion…