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I need a lesson in power steering

I have a '99 Taurus that the power steering is not functioning on. I do not see any leaks in the system. I had access to a good pump from the same wreck that donated parts to fix it after a wreck four years ago. Since the PS pump is a lot easier to change than the rack, I changed it yesterday. I filled the reservoir and turned the wheel lock to lock with the front wheels off of the ground several dozen times to purge any air from the system as is common practice. Unfortunately the power steering still does not work. The rack is next, but I dread the task. Is there any other possibility that might be an easier fix? I do not have tools to check the “new” pump for pressure, or I’d have checked the “old” one.

More than likely the spool valve seals in the R&P assembly are leaking.

The spool valve is what directs the hydraulic pressure to each side of the R&P assembly depending on which way the steering wheel is turned. If the seals on the spool valve are shot, the hydraulic pressure will be delivered to both sides of the R&P assembly. And if that happens, there’s no steering assist.


So I take it the rack has to be replaced?