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Power Steering Fluid Flush

Car: Honda Odyssey 2001.

The dealership service tech has recommended that I get the power steering fluid flushed/replaced because the current fluid has turned black. However, on a Honda discussion site, I saw the following post:

“If the fluid is dark brown or black that indicates a serious system contamination (likely due to breakdown of internal rubber parts or hoses) and more extensive repairs are called for. When this happens do not proceed with solvent flushing. If you carry on it will only make matters worse.”

Any thoughts about how to proceed?

The fluid turns dark from oxidition which means the fluid is used up. Just have the old fluid removed and replaced with new fluid.


Inside the reservoir tank there will be a filter screen. That screen can become plugged with hose particles and starve the pump, resulting in the pump making a lot of noise…If you find hose particles in the filter screen, it’s time for new power steering hoses…

I would not do a flush. In addition to checking the scree n like Caddyman said, use a turkey baster to remove as much power steering fluid as possible, put in new fluid, run for a week, and see if the new fluid becomes dark. If it does, repeat this. If it still gets dark, that says you have a problem, and need better diagnosis than ‘it needs a flush’. Make sure you’re using the Honda-specific fluid that Honda calls for. Have you ever put non-Honda ps fluid in it?

Thank you to all who have replied. I will follow your recommendations and will let you know how it turns out.