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Need to flush power steering fluid

At my 50,000 mile oil change for my 2008 civic at the Honda dealer, I was told I should flush the power steering fluid. There has been no problem with the steering. There is noting about flushing power steering fluid in the owner’s manual. Is this necessary?

Wouldn’t hurt to change it out. I’d get a turkey baster, a quart of Honda brand power steering fluid (dealer parts department) and an empty bottle. Remove as much of the old fluid as you can, refill with fresh fluid (if it takes more than half a quart go get another at the next step), start the car, turn the wheel side to side several time, turn off the car, repeat the removal/fill, you’re done.

I use a turkey baster to remove as much fluid as I can, then refill the reservoir with new fluid. FYI most (if not all) Hondas require a Honda-specific power steering fluid–check that owner’s manual one more time.

Power steering “flush” should not be needed, nor should “fuel injector service” and other such add-ons that dealers love to recommend.

More important - have you had the transmission fluid changed yet? With Honda fluid?

I drain an refill the reservoir once a year. An easy DIY job.