Power steering belt got loose on it's own and not tightening enough

I have a 2007 kia rio and the power steering belt got loose on it’s own a few months back and I tightened it up, but now it seems to be loose again BUT I don’t think it can get any tighter. Is it possible last time I tightened it I put it at like max tightness or something? Is there any way to further tighten the belt?

Edit: Like the bolt I loosened to pull on the power steering pump to tighten the belt I won’t come any more forward.

Purchase a new belt as this one may have stretched or worn just enough that it will not tighten as it should.


With all the other problems the OP posted about with this car I think it is about time he got a different one.


I also think it is vehicle replacement time .


Loosen the pulley bolt, (B).

Tighten the jack screw, (C) to tighten the belt.

Tighten the pullet bolt,