Lost power steering after new fan belt

I just replaced a serpentine belt on a 2004 chevy Impala. Now the power steering will loose some of its “power”. I at first loosened the bolt on the tensioner not knowing how to properly make it release, then tightened the bolt back after realizing my error. I know it did not move though. Any suggestions?

After 10 years, it is very likely that you need a new tensioner.

You may have let the tensioner lineup pin move out of its slot. You need to back up and start over. If the belt isn’t tight but the tensioner was properly mounted the tensioner is the likely problem. Often pressing the tensioner spring back to service the belt hastens the spring’s demise.

I’ve extended the life of a GM tensioner by using WD40 with the tube and getting it into the “guts” of it with careful spraying while working the tensioner back and forth. Just a stop-gap until getting a new one. This assumes it still feels like there’s good tension on the spring.

I had a tentioner that was sticky. I had the time and removed it, and the spring felt fine, but it was just sticky. I soaked it in a little drain oil and hung it up to drip dry. That tentioner went another two years

Are you sure that you have the new belt routed properly. Double check with the tag under the hood If it is routed wrong it could be loose, or you may may have the belt on that pully wrong.