Tightened power steering belt to fix squeal and now it squeals more?

Power steering belt seemed pretty loose and there was some squealing especially when I first started accelerating and now after tightening it it seems to squeal even more than before like even when stopped…?

How old is the belt on this mystery vehicle?
Aged belts can become “glazed” and will slip under most circumstances.


2007 kia rio. The alternator belt broke a while back so I replaced all 3 of them. The car has done some sitting as well. I loosened the belt slightly and now it seems it just sequels when I accelerate the first time but not after. The alternator belt was hot to the touch after running only briefly (idk if thats normal but felt I should mention it).

Maybe one if the pulleys has a bad bearing.


once I had a bad experience with Dayco belt from the local store, which was of the heavily advertised “cog style” type or so…
I installed that and it started to squeal right away, despite me setting it up with a ruler and applying the prescribed deflection force…
I though, fine, let me make it tighter than specified, and it worked, but only for few days, where it squealed again.
Finally, the web-order for Gates belt (cheaper than Dayco) arrived and I was out of this misery - it worked from the first time and worked for few years before I dumped the car, Subaru of mid-2000 era.


I had a similar problem , switched brands of belt and the squealing stopped. Both were brand names