Power seat wiring diagram

I recently purchased a 2006 Chevy 2500HD pickup truck. The previous owner installed what looks like a power seat from a Ford. It’s a very nice seat, probably much better that the Chevy seat but even though power is wired up doesn’t work. Where can I find the wiring diagram for both the truck and the seat? The problem is the seat has been adjusted for a slightly taller person than myself which I may be able to overcome with a thin cushion and seat back cushion for myself. However my wife and my daughter are both shorter than me so the seat will need adjustment for them to safely and comfortably to drive it.
Any suggestions?

Start by finding out where the seat came from then pick up a copy of a Haynes repair manual for your truck. They have a great section in the back with detailed wiring diagrams. BTW…power seat wiring is not rocket science and should be easy to figure out with a good multimeter.

Don’t trust the wiring diagrams out of a Haynes manual. They’re totally worthless.

I once tried to trouble-shoot an electrical circuit in a vehicle using a Haynes manual. And found the wire colors in the Haynes manual didn’t match what was in the vehicle for the circuit.

I finally acquired the actual factory wiring diagram for the circuit. And not only were the wire colors wrong in the Haynes manual, it didn’t show the relays that were in the circuit.

All the Haynes manuals I use to own went into garbage years ago.

I now have full access to factory manuals. But in order to help, I would need to know what year, model Ford the seat came out of.


Hayes wire diagrams were adequate until the mid 80’s when computers started becoming common. Then, they failed to keep up and the manuals went to crap. I agree with @Tester and get a Factory Service Repair Manual. Usually, once the car reachs 7 years old, you can find them for a reasonable price online at Amazon or eBay.