Driver seat wiring harness(es)

My brother-in-law asked me to help him out. He told me the wires on his electric seat burned up or melted. He told me the seat memory control module melted and the wires to the heaters burnt to. I looked under the seat and you can see all of the wiring harnesses under there have been exposed to extreme heat and melted. There is obvious burn marks on the carpet and the casing around the wiring harness looks charred and brittle. I am going to have to replace the seat memory control module he said was toasted. He said he has the heaters which are “good.” I have tried looking online to see if there is just one wiring harness to replace or are the harnesses for the electric seat and heater separate? Can someone help me with the correct part number(s)? Thanks for the help in advance.

Unlikely with no info besides Chevy 2500. Lets start with the year.

Your starting point should be finding out why the wires were overloaded to the point they nearly set fire to the truck.

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You might need a RPO code in this process, Heck, I have had to know the RPO code for the brakes just to find the correct ones before on a few GM vehicles… It might be in your glove box…
Incase you don’t know what one looks like…

Reminds me of the story in a classic-car magazine. The restorer decided a complete brake re-do was required for his VW Jetta, new rotors, calipers, pads, and rubber hoses all around. All parts ordered online, arrived quickly in big box Front rotors were too big, front pads wrong size, wouldn’t fit calipers. Same for rear pads. Front rubber hoses, wrong length … lol …

I apologize. In my head, i listed the year. It is a 2003 Chevy 2500 HD Duramax 4 door truck.

Check the fuses associated with the seat controls and heater circuits. Make sure they haven’t been changed to higher amp rated fuses. No wiring should melt to the point of near ignition if the fuses are correct.