Power port output

How can i find the power port amps. (cig lighter) 95 Jeep 4.0 liter
Im buying a good 12 volt air compressor and need to know amps

See what the current (amperage) rating of the fuse that protects the circuit.

Why didnt i think of that…


Max watts for a power point inverter is 375 (in my experience).
PowerVerter® 375W Ultra-Compact Inverter with 2 Outlets

12V DC input; 120V AC output; 2 outlets
375 watts continuous output
600 watts peak output (instantaneous)
Convenient cigarette lighter plug

If the online calculator is correct that is 3.2 amps. http://www.jobsite-generators.com/power_calculators.html
If you need more amps larger inverters can be hardwired.

(Note that OP wants to run a 12VDC compressor, not an inverter.)

If an inverter is putting out 375W at 120VAC, then it is taking in more power than that at12VDC (because it will be less than 100% efficient). Just for simplicity, say the inverter is taking in 400W at 12VDC. The input current would be 400W/12V = 33.3 amperes.

This does not guarantee that your particular car can supply that much. As I recall, the one of my cars where I had to replace that fuse took a 10A fuse.

Read the manual (Wow!), or maybe it’s written on the fuse box lid, or look at the fuse that’s in there.

Thats the (Wow!) Factor
95 cherokee 4.0 has 15 amp power port and if your going to run an inverter i recommend 750 watt. its a good all around inverter