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'03 Chevy Impala + Power Inverter

I being an electronics guy have attempted to get a simple power inverter for converting DC to AC.

The problem is how the cigarette lighter is in the Impala, most “stick” model where it’s all one piece never seems to fit in the port.

I even tried one that had a separate cable going to it, and that also failed.

Does anyone have an inverter working in their Impala or can recommend a model?

Power converters are usually wired in. Go down to a large RV store and check out the ones sold for RV’s. They will work for cars or trucks as well. The ones that simply plug into a cigarette lighter are mostly junk.

I have used a 150 watt inverter with a lighter plug with no problems…The lighter plug and socket have been standardized for 50 years, so I don’t think that’s your problem…Most lighter sockets, now called “Power Ports”, are fused at 15 amps, so a 150 watt inverter is maximum for this arrangement. A larger inverter must be hard-wired right to the battery…

The electrical system in your Impala will not support much more than 250 watts accessory load no matter how you connect it…This load could not be supported continuously…