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Poured Power Steering Fluid into Transmission

I poured 2 ounces of power steering fluid into an automatic transmission. What a wake up when I saw gold instead of red dumping into the funnel. I then poured 14 ounces of ATF+4 into the transmission to top it off. It’s been only 8,000 miles since the transmission was flushed. Should I flush now or is the power steering fluid compatible? Thanks… Not Thinking

Let’s say that two ounces of power steering fluid doesn’t even count when poured into an automatic transmission. Just keep it out of your brakes and there was no pain, no foul.

Ah, dodge trans are tough. At least it wasnt water. Trans don’t like water.

The local Nissan dealer uses automatic transmission fluid in the power steering units they service. It’s the same stuff for them.

Two ounces would not do any harm, in my opinion.

Depending on your car I imagine your transmission holds about 8 quarts of fluid. That’s 256 ounces. You added 2 ozs., or less than 1%. I wouldn’t worry about it if it were my car.