Transmission fluid

I know, I need to pay better attention but I had just gotten home from work and I knew I needed to put transmission fluid into my car but by mistake I put it in the power steering resivoir instead of in the transmission resivoir. So my question of course do I need to take it back our of the power steering resivoir? Or can I just leave it, I put about 1/2 of the bottle in?

Year, make, and model of vehicle.

Many cars used tranny fluid as power steering fluid. Perhaps a look-see at your owner’s manual would answer this wuestion.

2000 Dodge caravan

You have to get it out of there. The power steering system in your Dodge Caravan is so touchy that, even when the regular power steering fluid gets old it causes problems with the seals. And I don’t believe the seals in the system is compatible with ATF+4.


You should drain the power steering fluid out and replace it. A cheap siphon pump from an auto parts store will help. Drain and fill it a couple times to make sure you get all the tranny fluid out.

All of the above should set you straight - so I’ll just add a side note that it would be a good idea to look into fixing the trans fluid leak if you haven’t already. The need to add trans fluid only comes from leaking.