Motor oil in the automatic transmission


I bought 1 quart of motor oil and 2 quarts of transmission fluid. Both were in blue valvoline containers. After putting in the first container of transmission fluid I checked the level and still needed more fluid. when I went to put more fluid in I accidently grabbed the motor oil and started to pour it into the transmission.

I realized before I poured maybe less than 1/4 of a quart into the transmission.

I was thinking that this amount is little enough that it probably wont hurt the transmission though I want to get a second opinion.

First you should tell us if you have an automatic or manual transmission. 

  [b] 2012 model Jeep?[/b]

Yes–it comes with a flux capacitor as an option. 88 Miles Per HOUR! 1.21 Gigawatts! Great Scott!

It wont hurt it. Drive on…


Thank you for a second opinion - much appreciated

Sorry - Vehicle is a 1988 Jeep Pickup with Automatic transmission, Takes ATF + 4 Fluid

Maybe it won’t hurt it, but you need to get that leak fixed. Trans fluid doesn’t get used up and if you were over a quart low - egads! Was it slipping yet?

thank you for the concern, Actually I had made a mistake when attempting to drain the fluid from the radiator ( the transmission has a line that goes into the radiator to cool the transmission). after realizing that the line I had pulled off to drain the radiator didn’t contain radiator coolant I hooked it back up and disconnected a different hose which did drain the radiator, upon hooking the transmission line back up - I didn’t get it tight enough and consequently it had a leak and I didn’t notice it until their was a puddle on the floor, it was actually about 2 quarts. So All leaks are stopped now - Thank you