Potential Ignition Problem

After a series of strage happenstances involving the key and my ignition, I ended up with only one key, and there was no code on it so we couldn’t order another. My local Saab guys rebuilt the ignition around a new key, and issued me with 2 keys that work.

The strange thing is that I can now remove the key from my ignition at any time–even when I’m driving 50 miles an hour.

Is this potetially dangerous?

Not really unless the car won’t shut off when you try to turn it off. The truth is a hammer and a flat-head screwdriver make for a very effective key for your car, and most of the rest. Many of the keys issued by your car company will at least open the car doors, and only a few percentage points less will start the car as well. The idea that a key and lock means security is a myth. The keys are too simple, and so are the locks. And there is always the hammer and screwdriver.

That was wordy. If you can turn the ignition off and stop combustion, you’re all set.

Thanks. I was trying to figure out under what circumstances this might prove to be dangerous, but couldn’t come up with anything. I’m one of those guys who knows nothing about cars, though, so I thought I’d throw it out here. I CAN turn the car off, so I guess all is well. Thanks again for your input.

What made your "local SAAB guys’ feel they were competent in regards to working on this lock cylinder? The SAAB 900 had a unique in the center console system that you really needed to get familar with to get good at, sure sounds like they messed something up.If you are not happy,bring it back to them.

If it’s not dangerous, then I’m not unhappy. I’ve been taking my car to these guys for over 10 years and they’re a good bunch. The car has only 65,000 miles on it and I just love the old gal.

I owned many older GM vehicles that could do that. The problem is if the steering wheel locks on you.

I spent a few minutes trying to find this video…but to no avail.

A couple of months ago I watched this show of the funniest commercials around the world.

This guy was on top of a hill and forgot to set the brake…and the car rolled away …He ran after it and stole a bike and caught up with just before it hit this dangerous curve with a cliff in the road…So he turns the wheel…and “LOCK”…Camera then pans to the back of the car where showing the keys are in the trunk lid…Commercial ended before the guy went off the cliff with the car.

Here ya go!

No steering wheel lock so far, thank God. This whole thing started when I lost the one and only key I had for the car. someone found it in Grand Central and turned it in. The woman at Grand Central called a supermarket chain whose swipe card I had on the key ring. she gave them my membership # and the supermarket (Price Chopper) called me to tell me to call the woman at Grand Central People can be pretty fabulous, huh?

Great video! Thanks.

I was just about to post it…Thanks though…

GREAT commercial…This company has some very very funny commercials…

Here’s another car related one…

Another good one! Love that song, too.