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Posts prior to 2007

I had posted a question sometime around 2001-2003. But the oldest posts I could find were from 2007. What happened to the earlier posts?

The server crashed and everything was lost. It happened a couple times earlier too.

" I had posted a question sometime around 2001-2003. "

Ask it again. I promise we’ll try and give an answer a little quicker. You’ve been waiting long enough, already and for that I apologize.


Well, it had to do with my ex-wife’s 89 Tercell’s variable venturi carburator, but I don’t need the answer, I just wanted to see it for nostalgic reasons. Was listening to the show on a Sat morning after not listening to it for a long time, and thought of that old car and the post…

It was the carburator from hell

89 Tercel, North American version did not have a carburetor, it had the 4AFE engine. The last North American Tercel with a carburetor was the 88 4WD wagon. All other Tercels got the FI engine in 87. The only Tercel with the variable venturi carburetor was the Carib with the 3A-SU engine that was sold only in the asian market.

I think when they moved the forum to vanilla previous posts and many users were history.

Strange. Maybe it wasn’t an 89 Tercel. But my ex-wife has a pretty good memory.

Hi, Keith’s right. In 2007 the discussion area was moved to the old Public Action system, and then to Vanilla almost two years ago. We’ve not lost any posts since 2007, but there were some accounts that had a difficult migration from PA to Vanilla.