How long have we been here?

Another BBS I regularly post on is made up mostly of folks who used to post on this, the Car Talk board. When the old “All the rest” went away, so did we. We had a discussion recently about the longevity of this BBS. Many of the posters there had been HERE since the mid '90s. The question was asked, “When did the car talk website start, and when did we get there”?

For me, I think it was about 1995. We got internet access here at the house about then. It was a dial-up that got bumped anytime there was a phone call. This BBS was among the first things I discovered on the net. As a regular Car Talk listener, I posted a car question, and was hooked. Today I ask and answer repair and maintenance questions whenever I get the chance. Unfortunately I don’t have as much free time as I used to. As far as I know, I’m the only one with dual citizenship on both BBSs.

Handles that were brought up as missing in action were Buzz Lightyear, Subaru Laura, Library Guy, (His wife was there too, but I forget her handle), and Ratbert. Those who made the switch to the aforementioned BBS were/are me, Denniz 'd Menniz, The Hip Hop Bob Rogers (now known as THBR), Da Brown (now known as Datsunaholic) RayThom, Bicycle Bill, Snailgate, Connie, Sparrowgrass, Guinevere, rbarr, Omar, Bones, Mtsmiths, Smitty (now known as Tess), Tbird, and Stump. Gervias and Tom Swift are dead. I’m sure there are others who have dropped off of both radars, but I don’t remember their names.

What is BBS?

Been on the ‘net’ since it was only DARPANET, well before the modern age. Been posting on this site periodically since its inception back in the early 90s. I recognize all of the names you posted. Prior to ‘all the rest’ wasn’t it Rant n Rave? Maybe I have it backwards, been a long time ago.

Library Guy, (His wife was there too, but I forget her handle),

Why did the chicken cross the road? I still remember that thread, wish someone had saved a copy…

Hey, I remember the Rant-N-Rave forum. Early on at that site it was not necessary to register a ‘handle’ and I recall having several hijacked. There were numerous spoilers, who in the last year or so made efforts to stir up conflicts among the regulars and I assumed that the step by step tightening of the format was an effort to control such jerks. My original ‘handle’ was my name, bob. and later I believe I tacked my zip code on. But when registration suddenly became required I was somewhat reluctant to do so and every pseudonym that I had ever used was taken. My interest cooled for quite a while. There was a “Tow Truck Driver’s Guide to Literature” What is the BBS you speak of MGMcAnick?

BBS = bulletin board system.

Too long.
And I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

Oh wow. I’d forgotten about the chicken thread.

When some of the group left, the original poster of the chicken thread archived it on Tripod. That was apparently CatLady, a name I’d forgotten. I googled for it, and it popped right up. If you’d like to see why the chicken crossed the road, see Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway never posted on Car talk, but there are some other old forgotten Car Talk names shown there who posted to that thread as well.

I really don’t know but suspect it was about 1998. I remember Gunner and his quest for a Caprice but he is long gone. I really did prefer the old format a lot better and the rant and rave got kind of interesting sometimes.

I am not sure how long I have been here, but I am on my 3rd identity. It was not my choice but bb problems. Is it old wrench you are at MG, ps my favorite car was an mgbgt, 6 cyly engine, walnut dash, green, oh well. Sorry second favorite car, I loved the black over white 68 cougar xr7 better!

Can’t remember how long I’ve been posting here, but it was before they switched to the red bars on either side of the screen. With Craig58 being one of the more memorable posters that haven’t returned in awhile from back then.
I can’t even remember why I first started visiting this board, but I’ve stuck around

I remember listening to Click & Clack on PBS radio in the garage in the early 90’s. Then I got internet access in 95 and visited the website. And there was a tag, Got A Car Question/Answer A Car Question. So I figured I’d see if I could help somebody out with their car problem. And have been doin’ it ever since.

I don’t know if anybody remembers Lenny? Years ago this person came and asked a question about their vehicle. And when the opinion of the board didn’t make them happy, Lenny started trashing everyone on this board. Then after that he would ask for help while at the same time trash people for their answer.

I still say a prayer for Lenny.


Maybe some people are absent for other reasons,I was incarcerated for a couple of years,the reason I dropped out for awhile-Kevin

@kmccune, tell us more. Inquiring minds want to know.

I don’t remember how long ago I began posting on this site. I do remember reading a posting from some Frenchman named Charles Babbage who was having difficulty getting his analytic engine to run when I first saw this board.
The problem with his analytic engine was intermittent–Babbage In, Babbage Out.

Sure Bing, first time offender, marijauna charge-got hammered by the letter of the law,not the intent of the law(Dont think the CA liked me)-Kevin

Wow, sorry. Even being a child of the 60’s, never used anything but I have felt these are the stupidist laws ever. We are paying millions for enforcement for what? Just plain stupid. If there wasn’t so much federal and contractor money to be made, they would be long gone. Sorry for the tangient but it could happen to any of our kids, nieces, nephews, etc.

I agree that the drug laws are silly. They are the reason that the USA has the highest percentage of incarceration in the world. It seems to me the reason we have those laws was to elect or re-elect some Bozo that couldn’t find a real issue to get his arms around. We could save a lot of taxpayer dollars if we didn’t throw so many drug scofflaws in prison. I think the current laws exist to somehow get at the top end of the drug distribution network. But it doesn’t often work out that way.

Well thanks guys,I can tell you first hand this prison stuff is crazy.Sure there are a few that belong there,but this money could be better used for a lot of things,didnt realize it was so easy to go to prison.I was under the impression that murderers,rapists,bank robbers and such went to prison. Did you realize that Illegal drugs claim maybe 1000 lives a year ,while the legal drugs(tobacco,alcohol,etc)claim over 40,000 lives a year and actually countries that stress treatment over punishment actually scarcely have a problem at all.If there werent so many laws,there would be a lot less criminals-Kevin

I try to never do anything that puts my life in someone else’s control. All the bad things that could happen under those circumstances concern me more than anything else. My well-being isn’t anywhere near the top of their list. Paranoia? Maybe there’s some of that. But you can’t trust everyone to have the same priorities that you do.

No ones life or property are safe,when the Legislature is in session-Kevin