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Possible wiring issues?

i had a question about my car its a 2002 hyundai xg350l and have one of those cd things installed into my car and recently my heat/ ac will just randomly turn off and turn back on whenever it feels like it, and also when i try to lower or raise the temp it changes cd player to the tuner to aux and so on its really weird and my dad was going to help me fix it just wondering if u guys had an idea of what it could be so we dont waste a bunch of time trying to figure it out any ideas?

The shop may have tapped into a wrong wire for the power. The wiring to the audio system will need to be checked out.

My suggestion is to

  1. get an adapter cable for your vehicle,
  2. completely uninstall the new “CD thing”,
  3. put the car’s wiring harness back to a stock configuration,
  4. install the adapter cable on the new “CD thing” unit, and plug the unit into your car’s original wiring harness.

These adapter cables are designed to allow a new unit to be plugged properly into your car’s OEM wiring. Further cable butchery will only get you deeper into trouble.