Possible Dissociative Identity Disorder


2003, Audi A6,auto, 50K mi.

When the car is turned off for at lease 45 min, at restart you’d swear it is a diesel engine starting. Clankity, clank.

Within 2-4 seconds, you’d swear it’s a gas engine. Normal sound.

Not enough oil reaching somewhere?

Can the problem be fixed?

If the problem is not resolved, how serious will it develop?


I believe that car requires an oil filter with an anti-drain back valve. There are some filters that may fit but lack the valve or it may just be a defective valve in that specific filter. Try replacing the filter and make sure you get the specific filter for your specific engine. Don’t expect a quick lube place to get this one right.


Also, verify that the oil you are using meets the manufacturer’s specifications for your car, not just the correct weight.


did this just start since a recent oil change???

if so i would suspect an improper filter. you did go to a reputable shop?? right?

or if you did this yourself did you get a no name filter, or a good brand?

sometimes the extra $$ for the brand filter is important.

also, if you just had the oil changed, check on your invoice and see if they used the correct weight oil.