Car will not start after changing fuel filter

my car was dying often and it was not a battery or alternator issue. after some research I thought it could be the fuel filter. I changed the fuel filter and the car started with out a jump. and drove fine for a bit. I then parked it and turned it off and started it a few moments later to see if it dies like it was. and it hesitated to start a few times. then started. later that night I went out and it would not start or hesitate to start. what could the issue be?

Well, you eliminated the fuel filter. Just changing parts hoping to fix it is a very expensive way to not fix your car.

There are too many reasons the car won’t start to list here. Especially since you’ve told us know nothing about the car other than it is a Volvo v70 with new fuel filter. Give us more information, like year and miles at least.

Is the check engine light on? What are the error codes? Actual codes please. More information about the conditions of the car and weather when it dies. Does it restart right away? After it cools down? Answer and we’ll help.


Unless the filter was installed backwards and it still matters. It’s been a while, but my mother bought a car where this happened. We got a sweet deal on a well equipped used Malibu from a dealer about 1972. When I picked up the car, the dealership staff kept making snide comments to no one in particular while they passed me about how cheap the car was. This wasn’t to make me feel good, they were obviously ticked off. What they didn’t know was that the price was so low to settle a golf wager the dealer lost to Mom’s boyfriend. They installed the fuel filter backwards on purpose. I discovered this driving the car back to college and it died along the way. The mechanic told me after fixing it that all he had to do was turn the fuel filter around; no problems after that.


You beat me to it!

I don’t think the long drive had anything to do with it. If something about the drive you did 4 months ago was going to break it, it would have broken long before now.

This does not make sense. It’s supposed to die when you turn off the engine.

Why were you jumping it? Is your battery drained?

What happens when it does not start?

If by that you mean your mechanic told you that a stuttering car is “fine,” then your mechanic is an idiot and you need to find a new mechanic.

Please describe in detail what the car does when it fails to start. We can move on from there.



Sounds like you need a mechanic to diagnose this, it is beyond the abilities of your old mechanic and certainly beyond your skills. We can only be as helpful as your abilities to repair the car yourself. You are our eyes, hands and tools. I think you need professional help standing in front of the car with hands on to fix this.


I concur w/advice above that finding a good inde mechanic to diagnose this problem for you is what makes sense. You always have the option to do the suggested parts replacements yourself, if you want. When you say the car doesn’t start, do you mean you don’t hear that “rrr rrr rrrr” sound at all w/the key in “start”, or you hear that sound ok, but it doesn’t catch and run?

As suggested, find a good mechanic . . .

No check engine light and no codes means nothing to a good mechanic

Fuel pressure correct?

Good spark?

“it was stuttering for almost a year” So you won’t go to a mechanic until the car absolutely won’t move. Both you and your mechanic are clueless. Where does this “mechanic” work?

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