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Possibility of removing mobiliser permanantly

Peugeot 306 Hatchback 1998 Spinnaker 1587cc

I’m stripping out the dash so that I can replace a leaking heater matrix.

Is it possible to remove the immobiliser and keypad?

I can get an alternative trim for where it used to go from the scrap yard but am not sure how to remove it as I’m wondering if certain wires running to the immobiliser have to be connected directly afterwards.

That is the Airbag control module.

Just a little info, most the folks on this forum are located in the US and Peugeot hasn’t sold cars here for over 30 years. Its unlikely one of us has a easy hack to remove the mobiliser without seeing a full wiring diagram of how it is attached to the car. FWIW, US cars with manufacturer installed security computers usually require the engine control computer to be reprogrammed to ignore the equivalent of the mobiliser so the engine will start and run without the mobiliser attached.

My advice is to Google Peugeot owners forums and see if someone has a hack to bypass this device. If you want to do it, its likely someone has already done it and will share how.