Possessed Car

I have a 1998 Chevy Prizm. When the car is turned off some times the lights and other accessories turn on. This can include the engine fan. If I move the shift lever to reverse without the key everything turns off until I put the car back in park or another gear. If I start the everything acts normal until I turn it back off. Some how it stops on its own and then I cannot get it to do it on its own.

I will work with you on this but clean your post up,explain how you are moving the shift without the key?. Do a in depth visual underhood inspection,tug on cables,wiggle switches,look this car over good.

I don’t think you are supposed to be able to shift gears without the key. Can’t on any of our cars.

Logic seems to point to your ignition switch moving far enough to interrupt power to the fuel pump and spark, but not quite getting to the real OFF position. I have no idea if that is physically possible on your Prizm. But that’s where I’d start looking.

The cooling fan may come on at any time. That’s normal.

Which lights and accessories come on by themselves? Be as specific as possible.

How can you shift out of park without the key? If you can, there’s something wrong with your ignition switch or shift interlock mechanism.

Thanks for the input.

The engine fan can come on anytime but not normally after the car has been sitting for 24 hours and it is 50 degrees. The lights that come on are the headlights and dash lights. The radio and fan are the only other accessories that I have tried. I normally cannot move the shifter without the key. When the car was acting possessed I could put my foot on the brake and move the shifter into any gear I wanted. I have not been able to do this since, and am checking to see if it will shift without the key every time I stop. This past weekend was the first time this had happened in a year. We had the ignition switch replaced a year ago. Do I need to stick with the ignition or could there be something in the shifter.

Has anyone else had this problem?