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Chevy Pickup revived!

when i turn the key, nothing happens. no sound, except maybe the fuel pump. the battery is fine. the starter motor is also fine. can someone please tell me where i should go from here? probably to craig’s list huh

Automatic or standard?

standard, just replaced the smog pump and recharged the AC. the AC worked for a day, now the display on the dash just blinks. i don.t know if it is related

The clutch safety switch. What display just blinks?

the ac display. i think my dad disengaged the clutch safety switch, even when i press down the clutch, nothing.

Do you mean that he bypassed the switch? If he disengaged the switch, your would not be able to start it.

Sometimes when you recharge an AC system, the schrader valves start leaking.

i think you are right about him bypassing the switch, however he did that years ago. it has started regularly since then. i replaced the starter motor about three years ago, and i just tested it at auto zone. it was fine.

it has only stopped starting recently, after replacing the smog pump to be exact. it has also been about 100 degrees outside for the past week, maybe the heat has something to do with it? or maybe a faulty connection? i took the starter out so i have to reinstall it.

Check to see if what your Dad did in bypassing the switch. I will bet it came undone.

thank you oldbodyman. do you know where the switch is usually located? the repair manual is at my dad’s house kind of far away.

Under the dash. The wires should be above the clutch pedal.

thanks i will check it out.

thanks keith and oldbodyman. i jossled the jimmy rigged bypass my dad made and i put the starter back in. now the radio and the ac work and the car starts! weird. does anyone know why my car didn’t start and the radio and the ac didn’t work and now the radio works and the ac works and the car starts?!? bizarre

It wouldn’t start because of the rigged bypass of the clutch switch. As for the other things, I guess I’d want to start with a wiring diagram to figure it out. It would likely end up having something to do with a ground connection.

My best advice is to reinstate the original wiring. It should be relatively simple, and it was basically a safety device. For the most part it’s only a hassle that you have to press the clutch pedal. But it does prevent small children from accidentally starting the truck.